Our Engineered LED lighting products , expertly customized solutions and incomparable services speak for themselves. Our clients endorse this statement.
Yes, we believe we have to an extent revolutionized the LED lighting space in India. After all, not long ago there were only those many choices we had. On one side were the known traditional brands who made ‘standard’ quality products with premium tags, and on the other side were bulk shippers, all either importing or assembling sub-standard products. We identified the vacuum in-between and bridged the quality gap with value products, while our scientists eliminated the ‘me too’ product categories and conceptualized solutions to challenges that even some superbrands did not have the wherewithal to address.As they say, there has not been much looking back to do. We have been climbing the growth ladder step by step, LED by LED, and client by client. In the meantime, we have earned a few patents for first-of-their-kind products as well as energy saving technologies. Who have benefited from our inventions? Some billion-dollar conglomerates, to begin with. Also count in India’s largest public sector undertakings (PSUs) with Navratna status, the country’s largest chain of quick-service restaurants, the fastest-growing wellness clinics network as well as an array of small and medium enterprises.

Seeing is knowing, believing, being
NEEV Energy has established itself as a best-of-its-class LED manufacturer with all necessary certifications, crucial accreditations and credible recognitions. Its unique selling propositions are customized solutions that come out of its R&D lab bearing the stamp of unmatched quality on each product.

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